The terroir in the wine-growing universe is a set of factors that combined with each other over time make a wine made in a particular area or cellar unique and non-replicable.
It originates from the chemical and physical composition of the land where the vineyard rises, from how and from whom it was made, from how and who chose the type of vines, when and why it was planted, as well as what thoughts motivated the choice of who builds a winery and He bottles that particular wine.
The terroir then evolves with the farming practices adopted in the breeding and care of the vine, and by the climate, which together over the years manage to transform the plants and the surrounding environment.
In the cellar there are the meetings of all these aspects, where the terroir is completed with those who have collected and brought the grapes to the cellar, and with whom and how they work.
Over the years the wine matures in barrels and bottles, and the terroir evolves again, with the use of materials, techniques of refinement and bottling.
The trade and the talk of that wine, manages to enrich the terroir further, and completes the work who finally untap that much acclaimed bottle and taste the wine serenely, accompanying it with various foods, sharing it with friends and relatives but always Drinking and enjoying with extreme wisdom and moderation, this is done all this is the synthesis of the whole of the factors that create the terroir of wine.