INCONTRI FARM - Orange wine
Incontri biodynamic Farm. Orange Wine certified organic, vegan and without added sulphites, on reservation available for tasting in the cellar of Suvereto, for sale online with free shipping.
orange wine senza solfiti
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Bere con consapevolezza

Sempre con moderazione e saggezza
Se bevi non guidi - If you drink don't drive

Orange Wine


Organic Wine Vegans's friend

Think sustainable

ZERO Carbon Footprint


In 1967 Martellino Martelli, grandfather of the current owner Alessandro, bought a farm in Fossoni in Suvereto thus launching the family's agricultural business. In 1985, Martellino's son, Renzo and his wife Marcella Busdraghi began selling bottled wine.
In 1989 Martellino bought another farm in the Incontri area in Suvereto which today lends its name to the current agricultural estate. In 2000, Alexander took over his parent's business and passionately continues to this day the work started by his grandfather Martellino.
The Incontri Farm is a permaculture projectè. 
All products are made thanks to the dynamic biological method. 
The estate covers a total of 12 hectares of land including 6 hectares of vineyards, 2 hectares of olive groves and 4 of arable land. Clay is the main component of these soils and there are different variations of this precious material found on the estate: red, brown, yellow, blue and green.
Depending on the various kinds of clay, the Incontri wines have different organoleptic and unique characteristics.
The Incontri winery is located in Fossoni in Suvereto. Each year, around 20,000 bottles of wine are produced from the estate’s grapes alone. All the production processes fully respect the environment and everything relating to it. They have a zero carbon footprint and follow the Lunar and Planetary cycles. They are certified organic, vegan wines with no added sulfites.
Azienda Agricola Federico Beconi Miele Pappa reale e propoli
The principles of the Earth Charter are at the heart of each activity carried out on the estate.
The principles of permaculture are used in planning and general management work. As far as cultivation is concerned, the biodynamic and organic agriculture method is used.